Hi guys,

My birthday is on 4th June, so that means that my zodiac sign is Gemini. I have been interested in astrology for a while, and that’s why I wanna tell you something about my zodiac sign. So here we go…

Geminis can’t stand when people make things more difficult than they actually need to be. That’s why they prefer to be alone most of the time. I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. It’s an opportunity for self-discovery, for getting a better understanding of who you are. Being alone will help you to feel something deeper in your soul.

Their life purpose is to explore the world. My biggest passion is traveling, I love to explore new places and meet new people and learn things. If traveling was free you do never see me again. When it comes to traveling they never waste time overthinking every detail. They want to explore places off the beaten path and will want to fully experience the local customs of a particular place.

When a Gemini tells you how they feel, they mean it. It takes a lot for them to truly open up to people. Geminis usually conceal their emotions with humor and try to seem happy all the time, even when they feel crappy. I don’t like to lay all my emotions out to people, I rather worry about it and get over it by myself. I only talk a lot if I feel comfortable around you.

A Gemini hates walking slow, driving slow or anything slow. Geminis can change their minds in a second. A Gemini is always in their little world having fun. Geminis see things in a different way than most people. They have a unique mind. Geminis pay close attention to small details. A Gemini is a night owl and could wake up in the morning and still have energy. If you ask a Gemini what their life goal is, they won’t know. A Gemini get annoyed super easily. Only a Gemini can see the good and the bad in every situation. Gemini is the most difficult zodiac to understand.

Gemini facts

Their symbol is The Twins. Their ruling planet is Mercury. Their element is Air. Their mood is Mutable. And their keyword is communication.

What is your zodiac sign? Let me know in the comments.

xx Rachel