hey you.

heal this world with my wounds i’ve turned into wildflowers. i see myself connecting with broken thoughts. healing your wounds with my presence of just being. i am light. i am love. love every one who is hungry for abase to be seen. i see you.

i will be the place you can come running to and collapse within. i will be the arms that hold you. i will soften your wounds and turn your darkness in golden light. let your fear melting away. i will breathe and melt around you. their is an entire world filled with love begging you to grasp into it. but first…

you need to let go of everything you’ve ever know. every single word you’ve been told. do not allow yourself to be swallowed by the content of your mind. release judgement from these thoughts. question them without resistance what is. if something upset you, it is only a reminder to embody presence once again. breathe. allow the awareness within you to surface. your consciousness is separate from your thoughts. allow the noise to melt into stillness. this is all their ever is. in this state of being the truth of your spirit can surface an expand outward trickling empathy and deeply rooted acceptance and understanding through every soul you grace by your presence. surrender… and just be.