Who are you? My name is Rachel Salomé Kwerreveld. But that’s not who I am, we are more than just a combination of words put together. Who are you? Maybe you would say your age, which sport you play, what kinda books you read or music you listen too or what you want to be in the future. But those are just experiences, who is having those experiences? Who hears when you hear? Who sees when you see? Who feels when you feel? Are you your thoughts, feelings or emotions? But who is thinking those thoughts? Who is feeling those feelings and emotions? So who are you? You are not your body, face or hair. You are not your labels, status or job. You are not your experiences, memories, likes and dislikes. You are not your feelings of happiness, sadness, guilt or anger. None of those things are you. So don’t let any of of those things control or define you. You are something so much more powerful and define. You are pure conscious of awareness. Once you truly understand what that means, you are free. Free to discover true happiness and finally live in the real world. Free from this false self identification that controls your life. Free from your own expectations and harsh judgement. And free from this fake glitter over a world of perfection, comparing, idolization and status. Release yourself from this place, from this illusion. It is not who you are. You are you. And you’re enough.