around christmas, i always write down where i am grateful for. so many things in our lives are getting so normal. i started writing about things i was grateful for and most of the things are so small but would make a huge impact if we needed to live without them. 

art has always been there for me when i needed it the most. creating art is why we are here. to inspire each other and let our mind overflow with creativity. everyone is an artist in their own way.

breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. i love having a smoothie with homemade granola or a bowl of oatmeal with lots of fruit, seeds, cinnamon and nut butter. i always make sure that i eat with no distractions and most of the time outside on my balcony. 

colors are the reflections of our souls. every single color is different for everyone, that is why it is so magical. our life would be so different if colors didn’t exist. 

dancing is something what i love to do. when i was a kid i went to ballet classes for a few years, but i stopped unfortunately and i still regret it. although i am thankful for the years i danced and occasionally i dance just for fun.

education is so normal in thirst world countries. everyone is going to school, studying or following an online course. a lot of the children on this planet are still not going to school and need to work from a young age.

friends make your life so much more pleasant. i can count the amount of my most close friends on 1 hand. the number of friends you have doesn’t really matter it is all about how much you love each other.

grandma and granddad are always there for me. they are two of my favorite people in the world. at least i go to visit them four times a year and most of the visits end up in a sleepover 🙂   

health is always been very important to me. i eat a whole food plant-based diet 90% of the time and allow myself some nice treats. movement has become my source of medicine when i exercise i have so much more energy. taking care of your body and mind is so important. 

intimacy is nothing to be ashamed of, it is love in it’s purest form. loving someone and being loved on a deeper level.      

journalling has become a passion for me for a few years now. writing is a form of relieving, just by letting your thoughts flow on a paper.

kindness for every single one on this planet. choose love not hate. nothing good will come out of negative energy.

laughter is the most beautiful melody, created in the root of your heart. it is a medicine for pain and suffering, it is a happy moment with friends or family.

meditation is giving yourself the time to reflect your emotions. giving yourself the time to heal in complete silence. listening to your inner voice.

neatness is necessary in my life. i love to clean and organize and i don’t like it when everything is messy. i get distracted very easily when something is not where it doesn’t belong. 

oceans are my happiest place. i love to spend hours on the beach and swim in endless oceans. it makes me feel safe inside, it is a place where i can be myself fully without any judgment.

phones are little boxes of magic. spending half a year without a phone was a really good detox, but i am starting to miss to have my own phone. to call my family and friends to share and inspire others with social media.

quite times everyone need it sometimes, only focus on your breathing while you can hear your thoughts drifting away. walking in a forest or on the beach. our minds are often overconsumed with information and emotions. giving yourself the time to take a moment of silence.

recycle and living a sustainable life would help this planet so much. beaches without any plastic, food without pesticides, recyclable rainwater. we already have invented so many good solutions. but if we all become a little bit more aware of our pollution and start taking care of ourselves first, then we can take care of the planet together

self-love is a source of love that only you can create. loving yourself is so important and not selfish at all. taking care of yourself first before you take care of anyone else like in an airplane.

traveling is my biggest passion in life. i love to explore new countries, religions, art, languages, and food. a few months ago i left my home and booked a few plane tickets to mauritius, indonesia, and australia. it was definitely the best decision i ever made in my life.

universe is like a dream. we can learn so much more about astronomy and astrology. it contains other planets, stars, suns, and moons.

voices are the most powerful tools we have, we can communicate with our own body to another person. we can hear a little whisper in our own head who no one else can hear.

warmth is what i need, i could not live without. having a house, a bed full with blankets where i can sleep, a place to stay when it is snowing. a place where i can cook and drink tea.  

xylophone ( music ), plays a huge role in my life, i listen to music whenever i can, i also really love to play music or sing especially around a bonfire on the beach with some friends. 

yoga is my favorite form of exercising it reminds me of dancing especially flow yoga. i always feel so communicate afterward and it is also really good for your balance and flexibility.   

zzz… i think almost everyone loves sleeping. i try to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day and wake up early in the morning. when i had a nice deep sleep, i always wake up super refreshed and ready to start the day.

 Enjoy your holidays.

 xx Rachel