Every time when I close my eyes, I can see what is hidden behind your eyes. Because I finally break through your transparant wall inside your head. It’s where your personal thoughts are trapped in an endless swimming pool. Behind your eyes is the gate where your spirit is protected from everything what’s going on the other side… every little space is filled with numbness, every inch of your irises is a beginning of the break throughout this emptiness.

Your heart turns into a black hole surrounded by some little bright shining sparkles of light. Even I can’t fully reach the end, but I can hear your scream for help when I close my eyes and let my eyes become one with yours. You’re trapped within your own body.

If I touch your arms with my fingertips, energy lines are streaming colours of dawn. It’s almost like snake tails mengeling together, all the way through your houses, filled with smoke and anger, surrounded by the green and blue valley, protected by the eagle of strength.

I see you. Remember that you are not alone. I am here. I just don’t know yet how to pull you out. I can only adapt a part of your numbness. Shifting it from your veins into mine, it hurts and it makes me numb as well for a while. But after I open my eyes again, your eyes don’t look like black mirrors anymore. This energy transfer created some cracks, a small glimpse into the darkness. With my eyes wide open I can see your soul again. I can feel what you feel again.

Silence is created to nurture our wounds, to create waterfalls of tears inside us to allow us to turn them into wildflowers. You will heal. You will feel again. You are on your path to return as a beautiful human being. Let this light guide you, don’t let these blackholes inside your pure heart take you deeper into the endless black Forrest.

I am here. I am always here for you. I love you with all my darkness and light.