New Moon in Pisces, March 6, 2019.  This is the moment when the sun and the moon conjunct, so that means that the merge their energies. The moon is recharging new energy from the sun to get prepared for the next full moon. This whole process is all about new begins, that is why I think it’s a great time to set intentions. It creates an ability to let go of your paste and to plant seeds of your intentions. Because changing takes a lot of time, every small step that brings you closer to your future matters.

Since the new Moon is in Pisces means that the energy of this zodiac sign is the main focus. Pisces is a water sign, so that means this New Moon is about spirituality, creativity, productivity, selflessness, looking into yourself and connecting with other people. 

New Moon Intentions

  1. Turning my valuable ideas into actual plans to create the ability to change other people’s perception of themselves, to turn them into tangible products made with compassion, to feel people with a sense of wonder.       
  2. Make a decision about what I  should study by listing to my inner voice. This creates a clear viewpoint which is going to help me to achieve my goals and make my dreams come true. 
  3. Finding a balance between spending less time on my phone, while spending more time connecting with people. Life is too beautiful to spend most of your time looking at a screen. 
  4. Giving myself as much time to heal as I need. Learn to ask for help if I can’t do it on my own, talk to someone if the world is too much for me to handle. Dealing with all your problems alone is never a solutions, you need love to help you heal your wounds.

I am very curious about your thought about setting New Moon intentions, so let me know in the comments. I also want to let you know that you are a beautiful human being. Thank you so much for being here it means a lot to me.