Hi guys,

I am planning an incredible trip to Mauritius, Bali and then to the Philippines. Around 20 days in each place with multiple accommodations and excursions. I get so excited when I talk about my trip, traveling is my biggest passion in life because it makes my heart happy. I also needed some time for myself and escape the ordinary, so I thought why not travel alone to some beautiful destinations.

Mauritius is a beautiful island with endless beaches and blue water. White sand, green palms, a dark blue sky, and crystal clear water – paradise. I was looking for something special and adventures and Mauritius offer plenty opportunities. Exploring as much as I can, like take a swim in a waterfall or strolling around in the jungle. I also heard that the sunsets in Mauritius are insane when the sky turns in different colors, I think that’s a very magical moment. I am very excited to visit Mauritius for 3 weeks in June. I stay in an apartment in Albion that’s 2 minutes away from the beach – soooo nice!

Bali I just love this Island already. I wanna go to the rice fields, doing yoga in a tree house, eat amazing smoothie bowls, watching de waves crashing the rocks while slurping on a fresh coconut. Perhaps I am even going to surf for the first time of my life. My plan is to visit Ubud, Seminyak, Uluwatu, and Canggu. I think that I wouldn’t come home after I stay on this wonderful Island.

Australia is perfect for diving, surfing, and swimming. Because the intense blue-green water is breathtaking. I’m going to visit Sydney, Byron Bay, Gold Coast and maybe some other beautiful locations. Visiting Australia was always a dream of mine, and now I am manifesting this dream. The tropical rain forest in Australia is also on my must-see list. I love hiking and being surrounded by nature, it makes my soul happy.

Let me know what your summer plans are, I love to hear that. And if you ever visited Mauritius, Bali or Australia do you have some recommendations where I need to go.

xx Rachel