Hey love!

Welcome home first of all xx

”sharing this one with JJ by the way – she will become your best friend – be nice even she is not!! She is your spirit animal bitch. & Guidance angel all at once 

Not going to lie this cabin got me through losing people I love, death, rape family stuff, eating disorders, broken hearts ”men right”. 

But I also met so.many beautiful souls here #checktheveranda…lol

+ watch out for your pants on the rooftop <– max 3 at the same time

this cabin is also perfect (60% of the time) – take it or. Leave. It. Even when they knock on your door, thanks babes love you,

to check if you are still alive,, haha I tried drowning myself in my thoughts #didn’work.  

If you feel lost. At 3AM, call me I will be. Awake. I know how it feels like to collapse on a hotel bathroom floor, waiting till the sun comes up, forget that you put your clothes in the washing machine, choosing to run naked back home. 

Please stop drinking fake coffees please, ever heard a good story of a crazy night ending with a skim milk latte #doubleespressofor me, please

Most of this crazy weirdo electricity involves probably the potato magician – love you my ENFPS,  never stop glittering our world, love from a distance, no sh*t x your INFJ 

I might not pick up the phone!!! Warning sign banner

  1. Writing this on my window, gives extra clarity you know… please teach me how to be funny, INFJ in need, this should be illegal.
  1. because we are. Born and die alone. Remember your strength. 
  1. See. You. when the time comes somewhere between blue moons and neverland.
  1. I’m lost too. 
  2. Dancing. Losing my. Body In waves of the sound. An addiction I will take every day.
  3. Silence is a gift and a curse you can give someone.
  4. Having a therapy session with myself,  can. I call you later?
  5. More reasons. 

I wish I did this more often. Unfortunately, part 2 normally sucks but in my world it’s way better

this is probably a huge mess of serpent tails tangled up..bare with me. Trying to transform my mess into a language called society 

But you know I am learning not to care anymore xx broken angel

”water my plants while I’m gone please, don’t forget yourself too”

I really hate saying goodbye so I will just slowly vanish in the crowd