I needed time and space to process my thoughts and emotions. Asking myself an important question that I have been ignoring. I learned that the more I will ask myself the right questions the right way, the faster the answers will appear to me. To always act honestly and express what is on my mind. Asking myself what truly matters to me. Letting go of negative energy ultimately is causing a toxic mindset. Because I was trying to escape reality by creating negative behaviors, habits, making myself feel numb, isolating myself, making myself busy to forget, I was too anxious to get hurt and to hurt. Letting go hurts. So, I kept reminding myself that I did my best, what happened, happened. I am deserved to be loved and to be treated with respect. Learning myself to detach from the emotional aspect of the situations. My decisions are tied to my emotions in the present moment. I learned that if I keep my focus on the past decisions I made, I will never create the space for myself, to focus on my present to create my future, by using the law of attraction. To ask me what solutions I know already have to improve my life. To grow. Asking myself if I am on the right path? Am I doing right? Do I recognize myself in what I am doing? I am slowly in the process of guiding myself back home to myself. Everything that is done is a point of growth. I am enough. Using positive visualization, by picturing myself in a situation I want to reach.How I meet the persons that will have a positive impact in my life, the projects I will build, the way I behave, and how it is a reflection of how I treat others and receive and give. Closing my eyes and allowing my unconscious to guide me to my true desires, my future, what I have concretely to establish, what I want to see happening in my life, by starting to love myself, especially when I really don’t know how or why. Taking care of myself. One day. I will remember to choose myself again. Listening to what the energy in my body is telling me. To listen to my intuition again. To every emotion. Receiving it as a personal message. For me, anger represents itself as a threat towards myself when my values are jeopardized. Sadness is living in me when I need to let go of something I love, to accept to move on. Followed by feeling relieved, when I am in the process of moving forward towards peace. And the pure joy when growth is realized by creating beautiful harmony with myself. I am learning to allow myself to accept those messages by putting my energy onto paper, speaking my truth in the comfort of my loved ones, asking them if it is ok with me sharing my thoughts ‘’so better late than never, don’t feel obligated to read my thoughts in book form’’, setting an intention before I start practicing any form of movement – a way to become lighter. What makes it easier for me to communicate. Only acting from a place of love, all my actions and thoughts, without being obsessed to expect a reaction after I gave my love. Learning to give just to give, and not just to give and setting high expectations to receive the love I gave. Learning to find the balance between giving and receiving – listening and sharing. Noticing energy, needs, time, and space. Learning to always use honest communication, respect, equality, taking my time to learn, observe, be silent, staying open for new interests, creating a routine. But also switching things up by incorporating exciting, terrifying, random new activities. Having faith that love will return the care and respect I give and that someone is thankful for my efforts. One of the biggest lessons I am working on is to learn to love how to receive love. Receiving for me is becoming an opportunity to share my love by experiencing the joy of sharing this beautiful gift feeling, receiving love is sharing the love. I never loved myself. I told myself that receiving love was a symptom of weakness. That I was too much. Too many old wounds. Only excepting love to come across as being polite, making my loved ones feel loved. I am learning that communication is an art form that improves when I keep up my practice. Accept. Feel hidden energy. Separation. Conflicts. Respecting their opinions even if I disagree. Learning that if I will keep fighting that isn’t resolving the underlying problems, the solution is always working together. Always showing respect, every opinion is valued. Being a mirror, staying calm. Listen. Letting go of any judgment. Be mindful of letting of any judgment. Showing empathy. Observing myself. Staying open. And tolerant. Not setting any intention, because I know it will cause a risk that I will start to believe something based on things that happened in the past, which is causing miscommunication, which leads to conflicts. Let myself receive love. I love you. Thank you for everything.