I am still figuring out myself. how to be me. flying around this beautiful planet. swimming in endless oceans. I fell in love with being human again. every morning I am thankful that the sun is rising. she doesn’t have to, you know. drinking a large glass of water and making myself a cup of coffee with coconut milk. cows milk is for baby cows. coconut milk is for earth angels.

I was really focused on eating high carb low fat, at the beginning of my vegan journey. constantly thinking about what I should or shouldn’t eat. rules and restrictions made inside my head. I only felt good when I eat my safe foods and guilty when I eat others. I didn’t recognize the sound of my inner voice. my intuitive eater. I started to remember my roots and learned to trust the wisdom of my body again. now I know that the source of medicine lives inside of me. this body is my only home. I eat when my body tells me that she is hungry and stop until I feel satisfied. I tried to avoid fats, salt, sugar, and gluten.  I was telling myself that silly story for so long. I learned that you can be vegan, and still have fun being human. I love being vegan. and I love eating avocado toast. bread is heavenly. you can be both love. and you know, everything tastes better when you put salt and olive oil on your food.

please do me a favor and stop counting your macros and calories. life is too short to weight your oatmeal. trust me I have been there. I lost myself in a toxic relationship with food. months of isolation followed by waterfalls of tears. every day felt like I drowned in a river filled with endless darkness. I bundled all my brightest energy and escaped. intuitive eating is the purest medicine that excised. especially for humans who lost their connection with the source. it is all about listing to your inner voice and loving your body. if you really want a big portion of fries for dinner go for it. balance is the answer.