Hi guys,

After an incredible first week in Mauritius (read everything in Exploring Mauritius Part 1), I wanna to explore more of the rest of this beautiful island. Because I think that Mauritius is a hidden gem, there is so much to discover. So let me tell you where I went…

When I saw Le Morne I just knew that I wanna climb the Mountain. A few days later in the early morning, we made our way to Le Morne. The first part was quite easy, but when you see a signboard with the words ”danger” and ”be careful”, then the real climb begins. It took in total 1,5 hour to climb the mountain, but the view from the top was absolutely amazing!!

  Port Louis is the capital city of Mauritius. There are little markets everywhere, where you can find locally grown vegetables, exotic foods, local products and spices, arts, crafts, and souvenirs. But here you can also find great museums, a lot of restaurants and shopping malls. I met a very sweet lady who makes the best juices in Port Louis.

If you are going to Mauritius than you need to visit Chamarel. There is a waterfall and a place called Seven Coloured Earth, they are both very special and beautiful. There is also a coffee plantation next to the entrance, Franklin ‘my taxidriver’ told me that the coffee in Chameel is the best coffee on the Island. What it’s quite funny because he also told me that the Mauritians don’t drink coffee:) The only disadvantage is that there are a lot of tourists here.

On the way back we stopped to watch the sunset in Tamarin, a little fishing village. The sunsets here are so unique and every single day I make sure that I watched the sunset.


It’s now a few weeks later and I am already missing this magical Island, I would definitely come back soon. Let me know if you have ever been to Mauritius and what was the best thing you did there. While writing this blog post I’m in Bali so if you have any recommendations let me know.

xx Rachel