hey you,

some people can remember their dreams the next morning they wake up. i am always losing them. like if i open my eyes it’s like they are unfolding their wings and leave me alone in the brightest light of the sunrise. giving me the time to listen to my first thoughts of the day. reawaken from a world where you live in complete relaxation.

dreaming is a very powerful thing. it gives you the space to let another part of your brain function. opening new paths what leads to new solutions. perhaps you will find something hidden very deep inside. something you didn’t notice before. it could be an emotion, a thought, a word a tension.  just by breathing into it, you will feel your dreams getting more intense. don’t focus too hard to try to understand them. everything you will see, feel, hear taste, the smell is equally important. even if you don’t know what it means. it is ok. everything will just fall in the right place. your dreams are an inspiration. like stardust reminding you to believe that there is something beyond the sky. so i want you to write down all your dreams, every single one. don’t think too much, everything you write is perfect. just listen to your inner voice. you create beautiful art with your beautiful mind. you are beautiful.