A couple years ago I started practicing Ashtanga yoga, I really enjoyed the flowing movement of my body on relaxing music. I followed classes in a yoga studio for half a year, and went around 4 times a week. I learned a lot from the yoga teachers and the other yogis, I even got a lot more flexible, I could even do a split. But after a few months I slowly stopped practicing yoga, my mood changed and I lost all my flexibility over the time. When I went to Australia I leisurely got back into the good habit of practicing yoga a few times a week in the early morning. I discovered some new things about myself in this time and yoga became my jam. Especially Yin Yoga helped me a lot to deal with my feelings and I found the connection with myself again. I am so grateful that something so small made such a great impact on me, I learned to love myself again, to stop comparing myself with others, to receive love to relive hate. My personality changed completely in a positive way, I made a lot of good friends and found someone who I loved me. Unfortunately our paths were supposed to lead their own ways, but I am still thankful for the all our beautiful moments.

I learned that yoga is not about posting inspiring pictures on Instagram to share how flexible you are. I think that yoga is about finding the balance between learning to understand how you can improve your own flow, and excepting what you already accomplished with your own body and mindset. When was the last time you really took a moment just to breathe and reflect your feelings. Just to listen to your body and let your body feel the energy flowing around. It will only takes a little bit of time to learn how to be comfortable if you start creating your own yoga flow. But the greatest part is there is nothing that you can do wrong, because your mindset and creativity are only counting for yourself. There is no judgment whatsoever. When I started creating my own yoga flow I was always so insecure about that my yoga poses didn’t were good enough or that my body wasn’t slim enough to wear a pair of yoga pants and sports bra in public. Sometimes I ask myself; why we are living in a society were we are always comparing ourselves with others, why isn’t it never good enough, why’d we need to be perfect? But now I just love to create my own yoga flows on some nice music, even if it’s not perfect.

Around this time of the year I like to practice my yoga flow on my balcony, it’s so beautiful in the early morning when the sun is coming up. I just got a new yoga mat from Yin Yoga Mats, and it is the best yoga mat I ever had. This mat is plastic and PVC free, eco friendly and made without any harsh chemicals. It’s even washing machine friendly. The design of the mat is absolutely gorgeous, and the texture is kinda velvety on one side and the other side has a good grip, so it’s also great for doing pilates as well as meditation.