Sometimes you need to be alone. to reflect yourself and find your true soul. just walk barefoot. let every grain of sand touch your body. breathe. listen to the sound of the ocean. feel the energy flow through your veins. it makes me another human. i feel more alive than in months.

i honestly debated about opening up about this on the internet but vulnerability is one of the most beautiful parts in our lives. so here it goes. being alone used to scare me. making a connection with others is simple for me but i find it hard to keep the connection. i find it hard to trust others. if i am alone there is no one that could hurt me. so i took a break from society. stayed in the jungle for a couple of weeks in the northern coast of lombok. spending my day painting on tables, watching stars, making dreamcatchers in the monkey forest, cuddling dogs. i could finally breathe again. my body was filled with crying waterfalls flowing around my face. it was like my body could not handle more pain. i learned to accept my tears and fell in love with being alone. self love is the purest form of selfless energy known to humankind. the periods of silence. gave me the time to learn. grow. be.

now i know why i am on planet earth. i am here to listen with my eyes wide open. so i can see every beautiful thing. which mother nature created. i wanna see the light inside of me. to share for those who can’t see in the dark. there was a time when i closed my eyes. because i didn’t want to see the things that hurt me. i don’t wanna be fearful. to all those people who close their eyes. open your eyes and look around. and even if you can’t see yourself. i see you.

making people happy by sharing stories with beautiful human beings with beautiful minds to make beautiful art within.

this is why i am here. so this is exactly what i am going to do.