Rachel Salomé Kwerreveld. I grew up in a small town, close to the beach in the Netherlands and left my home at the age of 20 because I always dreamed of traveling around the world. So I booked a couple of flights to some places I haven't been to before. I spent some weeks on a small island in the Indian Ocean named Mauritius. Then flu to Bali and Lombok, Indonesia, and ended my trip to Australia, where I had the best time of my entire life. Australia really became my home away from home especially after a lot has happened to me in the past. It was like mother Earth gave me a fresh start to forget about my past and just simply live in the moment, to learn how to let go and accept your change to grow as a person. At this time I volunteered at a beautiful yoga retreat in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. After my time here I decided to move on and explore the rest of the country. But I ended up broke and flu back home because at that moment I thought that that was the only way. I started working at my old job again and realized that I made a huge mistake coming back home. So I decided to save up some money and giving exploring the world another shot. But unfortunately, I devolved some mental health issues. Probably because I kept so many emotions and memories deep inside me, so far hidden that no one would ever found out about them if I hadn't opened up about it. I learned that in order to accept your past you need to let go of all your negativity, even if that means forgive yourself and others. You need this to evolve and grow as the beautiful human being you already are but haven't seen yet. I created this place with the purpose of telling you about not only my highs but also my lows, thoughts to let you know that you are not alone. This is a place where you can be yourself without any judgment, to inspire and learn from each other. Thank you so much for being here with me.